LoRaGo PORT – Multi-channel LoRaWAN Gateway


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Product Description


This product has an SX1301/SX1308 baseband processor and two SX1257/SX1255 RF frontend chips, and peripheral circuits onboard. It could listen on multiple channels and decode packets sent with different LoRa spreading factors simultaneously. LoRaGo PORT is a good alternative to the well-known IMST iC880a. The hardware is basically the same as iC880a except it is more compact in size. This concentrator module is supposed to connect to a host controller via SPI interface. A host controller could either be an MCU with an SPI interface or a PC with a USB to SPI converter located between the concentrator and PC. All the RF jobs are done within this concentrator module and the user could focus on high-level software development. HAL source files are provided by Semtech who is the manufacturer of the baseband processor.


  • 4V-12V wide range supply voltage
  • +-1ppm TCXO
  • Compact size 70mm x 34mm
  • 50ohm RF port
  • ESD protected digital IO
  • Plug and play design for Raspberry Pi



In the Package

  • LoRaGo PORT board
  • LoRaGo PORT HAT for Raspberry Pi
  • U.FL to SMA Female pigtail cable
  • Antenna
  • GPS antenna
  • U.FL Female to U.FL Female cable for PPS signal

Not in the Package

  • Raspberry Pi




Additional Information

RF Band

868MHz, 915MHz


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