MAX6675 Type K Thermocouple Adapter with SPI/UEXT Interface for Arduino/Raspberry Pi


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Product Description


Compared to semiconductor temperature sensors, thermocouples have a wide working range, and do not need any external excitation power. They are cost effective and interchangeable. In some high temperature application, they may be the only practical choice with a reasonable price. Signal conditioning is the most tricky part for thermocouple temperature sensors, it deals with micro volts amplification and the cold junction compensation. Thanks to the MAX6675/MAX31855, all the signal conditioning had already been done inside the chip, and the amplified analog voltage is digitized and accessible to external MCU via SPI interface.


  • 3.3V/5V Powered.
  • UEXT Interface
  • SPI Interface

Pin Configuration

5-pin 2.54mm Connector:

  • MISO-Sensor SPI output
  • SS-Sensor SPI slave select input
  • SCK-Sensor SPI clock input
  • 5V0-3.3V/5V power supply (VIN)
  • GND-Ground

UEXT Connecor:

Demo Code Screenshot


In the Package

  • A fully assembled and tested MAX6675 thermocouple adapter
  • A 10-pin rainbow cable used to connect the adapter and Arduino



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