SC18IS602 I2C to SPI Bridge Module


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Product Description


This module is designed to serve as an interface between a standard I2C-bus of a microcontroller and an SPI bus. This allows the microcontroller to communicate directly with SPI devices through its I2C-bus. This module operates as an I2C-bus slave-transmitter or slave-receiver and an SPI master. It controls all the SPI bus-specific sequences, protocol, and timing.

This module is useful when there is no SPI interface on the microcontroller or the SPI interface is occupied for something else. Due to the multi-slave characteristics of I2C bus, multiple such modules could be added to the system at the same time.


  • LED indicators for the SCL, and SDA activities
  • 4 extra software programmable GPIOs for IO expansion
  • Up to 1.8MHz SPI Clock
  • 3-pin, 4-pin interlock connectors onboard
  • Arduino IDE compatible library
  • All pins are 5V tolerant (after power supply applied)
  • 5V MOSI, SCK, SS0, SS3 output.
  • Compact size

In the Package

  • A fully assembled and tested SC18IS602 I2C to SPI bridge module
  • Two 4-pin interlock cable
  • 10-pin female-to-female rainbow cable




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