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This product is designed to used with Raspberry Pi, which gives Raspberry Pi 5v GPIO, I2C and SPI handling capability. Further more, the onboard headers are placed in a way the same as Arduino UNO Rev3, which allow shields designed for Arduino could be directly plug onto this product without addtional wiring. As the Raspberry Pi has no ADCs onboard, an ADC chip is added to this product, now you can read analog voltage with your Pi. This product also has a 3.3V 0.5A LDO onboard, which convert the 5V coming from Raspberry Pi to 3.3V, this voltage is used by the onboard ICs, which will save the LDO on Raspberry Pi from over temperature.


  • Onboard ADC.
  • 3.3V/5V GPIO Capability.
  • 3.3V/5V I2C Capability.
  • 3.3V/5V SPI Capability.
  • Stand alone 3.3V LDO.
  • Stand alone 5V SMSP
  • All features are software programmable via I2C interface.

In the Package

  • A fully assembled and tested RasPiDeck Shield
  • A rubber cushion
  • Two nylon standoffs



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  • We are the designer of this product. We assemble, test and sell this product on our own. We guarantee that all technical questions will be answered by qualified engineers.





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