MP3 Audio Shield with DTMF Support


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Product Description


This shield is designed for audio playback and recording. A pair of 3.5mm audio connectors are used for connecting earphone/speaker and microphone for audio playback and recording, respectively. Another pair of 3.5mm audio connectors can be used with e.g. an external GSM modules. This audio shield can work as an answer machine for recording voice messages. Further more, it supports DTMF decoding, which provides the possibilities for interactive control functionality. (e.g. “Dial 6 to switch off the light in living room.”) All functionality can be controlled via I2C, which includes audio playback and recording, DTMF decoding, channel switching etc. An Arduino library is provided for every function that is supported by this shield. The audio playback and recording function is performed by the WT2000 chip and the DTMF decoding is done by MT8870.


  • WAV, WMA and MP3 playback
  • Recording at 48KHz sample rate
  • Recording at 32-128Kbps MP3 format
  • TF card support (up to 32GB)
  • 32 levels volume control
  • DTFM decoding support
  • Plug and play design for Arduino Uno
  • Fully controlled via I2C
  • I2C clock up to 400KHz

In the Package

  • A fully assembled and tested DTMF enabled MP3 Shield
  • Two jumpers
  • Two male-to-male 3.5mm audio cables
  • 10-pin male-to-male rainbow cable
  • 256MB TF card




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