JDI Display Daughter Board for Apollo Mini-EVB



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Product Description


This is a JDI display daughter board designed for Apollo Mini-EVB


  • Support direct control interface of JDI full reflective LCD
  • Power management circuit with 6.6V, 4.5V and 3.2V DC outputs for LPM012A154A requested power supplies.
  • All power supplies can be controlled individually by MCU IO ports. Different power on/off sequence can be implemented flexibly with user software.
  • VCOM, FRP and XFRP signals can be generated by on board 64Hz clock source and are selectable via jumpers to be supplied by MCU IO ports.
  • Expansion connector interface compatible with Ambiqmicro Apollo Mini-EVB
  • Test points for all control signals
  • Compact form factor (42 x 50mm)

Apollo JDI driver feature:

  • Supports power up and power down timing sequence
  • Supports full screen update and partial screen update
  • Partial update supports background image fill option
  • Support mono-color display
  • Support following graphic APIs
    • Line draw (1 pixel thickness)
    • Circle draw (with inner filling)
    • Ellipse draw (under-development)
    • Bit map draw
    • Character draw (Number, English and Chinese) (demo ready)
    • Font select for English
  • Bitmap to source file conversion
    • 1bit (mono-color), 3 bit (8 color) and 6 bit (64 color)
  • Demo:
    • Analog watch dial (mono-color and 8 color)
    • Ambiqmicro logo display + company name flashing

In the Package

  • JDI Display Daughter Board




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