Breadboard Power Supply 3.3V and 5V with Micro USB Connector and FT232RL Chip for Arduino


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Product Description



With the growing popularity of USB3.0 interface on PC and ubiquity of smart phone chargers, we designed this product with a micro USB connector. When use it as a breadboard power supply, user could power the board via his/her cell phone charger; when use it as a Arduino/USB to Serial Convertor, user just need to plug the USB cable to his/her PC. User could use the onboard config switches to select the operating voltage, crystal frequency of the external MCU. Also, the logic level of the onboard USB to Serial Convertor is 3.3V/5V configurable, too.


  • Seperated 1A rating switches for 3.3V and 5V channel
  • Configurable VIO 3.3V/5V
  • Configurable auto-reset for Arduino
  • Configurable 8M/16M crystal for Arduino
  • Extra headers to accept female connectors
  • Plug and play design

Power Supply Capability

  • 3.3V channel >0.8A
  • 5V channel Depends on your charger and voltage drop on the cable
  • VIO channel 0.2ohm line resistance which has a 0.2V voltage drop at 1A

In the Package

  • A fully assembled and tested breadboard power supply as shown in the picture
  • A ATmega328p with sticker on top
  • A high quality USB micro cable (80cm, with loop resistance less than 0.45ohm)
  • A jumper which could be used to connect the VREF to VCC

NOT In the Package

  • The breadboard

If you need a kit which contains the breadboard and accessory cables, please take a look at our KIT-000026.



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