I2C Passive Extender/ Patch Board


This I2C extender has eight 4-pin interlock connectors on board. The pinout of the connector is the same as on Arduino Sensor Shield, which is, from top to bottom, GND, VCC, SDA, and SCL. All pins with the same function are connected in parallel. By using a 4-pin cable connected to an Arduino Sensor Shield, the power and signal are duplicated on all the rest seven connectors. This eases the wiring for your I2C peripherals or modules. You only need to use a 4-pin cable to connect your module to any of the seven remaining connectors in order for your module to be powered and hooked onto the SDA and SCL bus.


  • 4-pin interlock connectors
  • Stackable design. You can stack them as many as you want as shown in the following picture.





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