Breakout Shield for Arduino UNO or AIRduino


This breakout shield was designed for Arduino UNO R3. It has all 14 digital I/Os, all 6 analog inputs broke out. Additionally, it has I2C, SPI, UART and two analog input interlock connectors broke out. There are six LEDs on the board, which could be used to indicate the status of the I2C, SPI, and UART activities. All the LEDs are buffered by transistors, drawing insignificant current from I2C, SPI, and UART lines, so the LEDs will not affect the state of those lines. The two additional input interlock connectors, denoted as A and B, could be connected to A0 to A5 by jumpers.


  • Interlock connectors
  • All I/O broke out
  • Onboard LED indicators for I2C, UART
  • Onboard I2C, SPI, UART interlock connectors
  • Two selectable analog input channel with interlock connectors
  • Machine Assembled




2 thoughts on “Breakout Shield for Arduino UNO or AIRduino

  1. I’m interested in your Breakout Shield for Arduino UNO or AIRduino. Is it compatible with the Arduino Yun? Would it be possible to get a schematic? I’m interested in adding pull-up resistors for some sensors I have.



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