Payment Options

1. PayPal

This is the primary payment option we accept. And it is the only option that is enabled by default. Paying with PayPal is safe, easy and free. You can use your bank account, debit and credit cards to make PayPal payments. It is safer because there is no need to share your card details with anyone except PayPal. For more information about PayPal, please visit

2. Credit Card

For mutual protection, payment option by credit card is disabled. Please use your credit card to pay via PayPal.

3. Wire Transfer

We also accept wire transfer payment. However, this option is not enabled by default because

  • Wire transfer normally cost some fixed amount of transaction fee from the sender and/or the receiver. This fee is usually big compared to the value of the order itself.
  • Wire transfer normally takes 3-5 business days. The order cannot be shipped before the wire transfer has been received.

Wire transfer becomes a good payment option when the sum of the order is big enough. Please contact us (payment[at] in case you would like to pay by wire transfer.